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Career Makeover  – Take Charge of Your Career

Are you ready for 2050? If you were born after 1965, chances are you will see 2050. The question is, What kind of shape will you be in getting there? Hi. My name is Reynold Lewke and my new book, Hired for Youth, Fired for Age, Taking Charge of Your Career at 50+, will show you how to get to 2050 in the best possible way – professionally, personally, and not the least, financially.

My book covers why you need to plan the next 30 years, why you need to plan for your so-called retirement years, and how to implement that plan. I cover subjects such as; once you pass 50, why you barely get a call back from a search firm, why Thomas Jefferson’s prescription for a healthy living is still valid, and why paying it forward is your best career insurance policy. Make this the year you take charge of your career. Hired for Youth, Fired for Age, Taking Charge of Your Career at 50+ is now available on Amazon.

Career Lunch & Learn: Navigating Your Career – From MIT10 to Your Cardinal Jacket

This webinar discusses best practices to build a personal and professional network that’s helpful when you need it most.

We cover the Stages of a Career, How to Create a Strategic Career Plan, and focus on How to Create & Maintain a Network, that is of genuine support during the course of your career – – starting with your relationships attending MIT, all the way through your life (16-85+).

Whether you are:

– a recent grad who is struggling with balancing life in their first job
– a professional dealing with the stress of dual-career families and raising children,
– trying to figure what happens next when you are fired after a successful 25-year career because you are “too old” at age 52

Find out how what you can do at any of those life-stages to develop sustainable personal and professional networks that support you when you need it most.

Presented by: Reynold Lewke, ’76, SM ’76

For a complete copy of this webinar:  MIT Webinar 11-2016 MITAA


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