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Based on detailed assessments and discussions, You receive a customized step-by-step strategic career-life plan tailored to your realities. Then you get the support you need to make your plan actually happen.


Non-Profit Boards and executives come to us to tap into our extensive hands-on experience and coach them to deal with the current demands for Corporate Governance Excellence and the challenges of leading their non-profit to meet budget and grow.


Individuals like you want to build healthy lifestyles to keep you fit and relevant, and turn to us to help them achieve those goals, including Ironman Triathlon Coaching, Personal Training and related services, .


HRMT.800 – Redesigning Your Career – Accelerated Weekend Career Workshop

The job environment has become more complex with the use of computerized resumé tracking systems, online applications, and a myriad of other technology-based recruiting tools. Knowledge of how to penetrate the job market, particularly the 75 percent of the market that is never published, is more important than ever. In this course students will discover…

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You identify your career-life goals, whether you are trying to take your next career step, get back into the job market after taking a break, or take charge of your health. You then get the coaching and guidance you need to propel you from where you are to where you want to be. Learn more.

Reynold has assessed and coached thousands of professionals across the US, Europe and Asia during his 30+ year executive search career. Additionally, he is a NASM Certified Professional Trainer and Certified Ironman Coach. Learn more about Reynold Lewke.

You know that if anything happens economically, you, not the 20-something rising star, will be shown the door. This book will guide you on how to create a Strategic Career-Life Plan, so that you can deal with job market reality, make money in your “retirement years” and break the “retirement heartbreak” statistics. Learn more.

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Individuals who want to take charge of their careers and have a fulfilling career life balance from their 20s to the 80s+ come to us for coaching, guidance and mentoring.  Based on over 30 years of industry experience, You get a customized solution that allows you to take charge of your career and life in these areas:


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